Rebecca Tanner

Rebecca Tanner started teaching group fitness 7 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. Currently, she teaches classes such as: Water Exercise, Cycle, HIIT, Core Condition, Pilates Reformer, Barre, Boot Camp, and Yoga all around the Twin Cities. Rebecca has a BFA in Dance from the University of Minnesota and as a dancer she believes that the body is a truly intelligent and amazing vessel that we get to spend our lives in. She loves any type of physical movement that connects the mind and body together and believe that moving and working your body is an important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Working as a group fitness instructor has given her the opportunity to help others and be involved in that part of people’s life. Rebecca enjoys being able to create bonds and play a role in someone else’s wellness and thinks that that it is important to push and challenge yourself within your own limits. She wants to inspire people to move, to be comfortable in their own body, and to help them continue to see physical fitness as something they can enjoy doing as much as she does.