Sarah Leahy

NE Fitness Founder Sarah Leahy loves a good sweat session!  A former NE resident, she started out as a client at a local gym and found the best version of herself through fitness. With a passion for helping others gain strength, endurance, and confidence, she works to bring a new level of workout to your friendly neighborhood gym.

 Sarah, warmly, relocated to Austin Texas, but is still active in the NE #FitFam community. She has her own personal training gig- Small and Mighty (instagram + and would love to have new clients who share her passion for fitness and planks to join her training service and work out at NE Fitness.

Northeast Fitness has a wonderful team of instructors at the ready to help deliver diverse, high energy, total body workouts from RealRyder Spin to Reformer Pilates to Strength Circuit Training all in a welcoming, supportive environment for all fitness levels.  You’ll also find them both there daily, leading a variety of classes on the schedule.

Sarah is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a TRX Qualified Trainer, a Total Barre Qualified Trainer, and a Halo Qualified Trainer.  Her passion is strength training and progressive weight training.

Continue Sarah’s push-up legacy at Northeast Fitness and sweat it out!  Fit.  Friendly.  Neighborly.