Mary Langfield

Mary Langfield is a Classical Homeopath, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher!  She is a seeker of truth – physical, emotional, spiritual. She has always loved and needed physical activity in her life. However, when she found the spiritual teachings of yoga that is when she finally felt whole.
Mary earned her 235 and 500 Hour RYT with Devanadi Yoga and continues to study with her teacher Yogarupa (Rod Stryker) and one day hopes to become Parayoga certified. In the meantime, she tries her best to weave in all the aspects of yoga she has learned into her classes: Mindful Sequencing, Asana, Bandhas, Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Meditation, Chakras, etc…join her for a regular class or one of her workshops!
In addition to Yoga classes, Mary also hosts specialty yoga and holistic nutrition events.  NE Fitness is not just a workout facility; it is a place where one can come to learn about all aspects of health and wellness.  Mary is proud to be part of a team that cares deeply about its clients, making the client’s total health, mind, body and soul her top priority.