Kathy Leggitt

Kathy Leggitt is a life-long athlete, who participated in middle and long distance running until an injury sidelined her.  She turned to indoor cycling and the Krankcycle to maintain her aerobic fitness, and enjoyed it so much that she decided that she wanted to become more involved in fitness education.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer (American Counsel on Exercise), a certified Spinning (R) instructor (Mad Dogg Athletics), a certified Krankcycle (R) instructor (Johnny G Kranking), a Total Barre and Halo Qualified Trainer, and maintains current CPR certification.
Kathy finds joy in seeing her clients’ progress toward their fitness goals.  She especially likes working with new clients as they try things for the first time and loves watching their expressions of satisfaction when they accomplish something they didn’t know they could do.
She gets to know her clients in each class, and understands their abilities and fitness level.  She describes her approach to class design as one of periodization, where clients who come regularly will progress through a set of foundational and progressive activities designed to maximize their progress.  Clients who drop in will also be able to enjoy the class as designed for the day.
In Kathy’s cycling classes, you won’t find many “fancy-dancey” moves – she approaches indoor cycling from the “Keep it Real” approach.  She plans each ride with a goal in mind, so riders will focus on strength building, endurance, aerobic, or anaerobic conditioning, or a combination of these in the ride.  At the same time, she tries to incorporate a few surprises to keep the ride fun and engaging.
Kathy acknowledges that she has the musical taste of a 15-year-old boy, so if you like current rock you will feel right at home in her classes.  But she recognizes that not everyone is a metal-head, so mixes a blend of pop, hip-hop, and EDM into her classes as well.
Outside the studio, Kathy works as a Certified Nurse Midwife at Hennepin County Medical Center and at the Sheridan Clinic in Northeast Minneapolis, where she provides well-woman, prenatal care and cares for women as they give birth.  She lives with her husband Wesley in Plymouth, and has two grown children who both live in the Twin Cities.