Restorative Yoga + Acupuncture

Take the time to pamper yourself in a workshop that will combine the healing benefits of Restorative Yoga, essential oils and acupuncture. Rest your body, rejuvenate your mind and delight your senses with gentle, supported postures, guided meditations and stress reducing acupuncture. This class is available and accessible to everybody, no yoga experience necessary. We will move our way through a restorative yoga practice designed to invite in relaxation and stress reduction and end in an extended acupuncture sivasana.
When: Sunday, February 18th at 6:30pm
Where: Northeast Fitness
Cost: FREE for members, $20 non-members
Autumn will be joined by acupuncturist Amie Archambault of Go Health Chiropractic.  Space is limited, sign up online to reserve your spot!