Rock Your Wellness Essential Oils Class

Join Brigette to learn how to use essential oils to ROCK YOUR WELLNESS

Date & Time:
November 18th 12pm

Energy, Optimism, Motivation, Recovery, Grounding. Do these words describe you and your wellness? Wouldn’t it feel great if they did? You are able to create a well-rounded exercise regimen. You are able to recover and build muscle. You are able to have a strong mental and spiritual connection. You are able to have more energy. You are able to be motivated. The first step is believing that you area capable. The second step is supporting those affirmations. It might mean a spiritual connection, it might mean helping your body recover from exercise, it might mean cutting chemicals from your home. Come exercise your brain as we learn how these little bottles can ROCK YOUR WELLNESS!

FREE workshop, no sign up needed! See you there!