Essential Oils – Cleaning Up Your Health

ARE YOU READY to recover faster, reduce toxins, have more energy and dive deeper into your fitness practice?

Did you know that every day we put over 300 chemicals on our body, 80 of them before breakfast? These toxins reduce our ability to recover, focus, and negatively effect every system in the body.

The good news…there is another option! You can stop suppressing your body and start supporting it. Join us Sunday, September 24th for an all inclusive introduction to Young Living essential oils, cleaning products, body care products, supplements and more. You’ll get to experience the awakening aromas during your morning workout and afterwards you’ll get to learn how these little bottles can change your workout, your recovery and your life!

Sunday, September 24th
Brigette will set up bright & early to answer any questions from 9 to 11am
Class at 11:30am

This class is FREE, no registration required!