Deadlift Workshop

Join Sandra Avelli on Sunday, April 23rd at 1pm for a one-hour workshop to perfect your deadlift form. One of the big three lifts, deadlifts are a great way to build overall strength, work your glutes & hamstrings, and strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine. Let Sandra guide you through breakdown of form and practice deadlift variations using barbells and kettlebells so you can do this lift safely and effectively. Sandra is a personal trainer, former physique competitor & fitness model, Olympic & power lifter, kettlebell expert, and mixed martial artist.

This is a cash only event with 50% of the proceeds going to the General Mills Spoons n’ Spokes team for Bike MS: MS150 Ride 2017. $10 to $20 suggested, but give as you see fit! Sign up online via the ticket link on our Facebook event, or through the “Events” tab on “Class Schedule & Sign Up”¬†and bring along your cash payment & donation the day of the event!