Prenatal Fitness & Activity Workshop

Once you’re pregnant, you’ll hear a lot of conflicting advice about what you can and cannot safely do when it comes to working out, or even normal activity.

Come spend the afternoon with Andria Johnson, experienced Pilates and Group Fitness professional who continued to work out throughout her healthy pregnancy, and Kathy Leggitt, personal trainer and Certified Nurse Midwife, to discuss pregnancy and working out. Your body undergoes many normal physiologic changes as it grows a baby and prepares for birth and breastfeeding, and these changes do require some modifications in your routine. We will discuss these, how to remain physically fit in the prenatal period, how to incorporate these modifications into any group exercise class, and we will talk about some specific exercises you can do to prepare for labor. We will also discuss unique nutritional needs in pregnancy. Finally, we’ll talk about how and when to return to exercise after you give birth.

We will also have a visit from a birth doula, who will let us know the role a doula can play in easing your labor and birth experience.

Join us for this unique and fun informational session. Free to pregnant moms, women contemplating pregnancy, as well as to pregnant women in the community at large, so spread the word.  Sign up online through our Mindbody scheduling system!

Northeast Fitness is hosting a special baby shower for all our expectant mamas at 2pm following the workshop, all members are welcome to stop by to celebrate!