Essential Oils Workshop with Mary Langfield!

Join Mary Langfield Sunday, December 18th from 1:00 to 3:30pm for a special workshop!

Learn How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Potions

Boil Boil Toil and Trouble…come and put your witch/wizard hat on (or lab coat) and learn how to use essential oils to make EASY homemade perfumes, deodorants, facial oil, and mists (think room deodorizer). Its important to know what ingredients are in your hygiene products because cutting down on hormone disrupting chemicals, skin irritants and cancer feeding chemicals is key part to improving the health of your body inside and out.

This is a hands on class so make sure to come ready to play. If you have specific scents you like to wear (or a loved one has a scent you’d like to make for them) make sure to bring them along to help your sniffer suss out a complementary scent. If you have specific skin problems you’d like to target make sure to write a little list and bring that along so we can mix up a lovely skin care oil that targets these critical areas.

Registration is required as this class will supply each participant with Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Bottles.

$50 per person, space is limited. Sign up online today!